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3 Pieces Kit

3 Pieces Kit
Preconceived kit from the Baby Adventure range. This range includes a multitude of products that can be combined with each other to create fun sets. Designed to delevop motors skills for toddlers, the modules have different shapes, heights and sizes. Covered in soft vinyl, the modules are pleasant to the touch for children. The bottom of each piece is non-slip and has no zipper for maximum security. This kit contains : the steps, the bump and the hill.
* Ce produit ne peut pas être livré par transport standard

Any activities involving motion and or height create a possibility of injury, paralysis or even death. All our equipment is intended to be used by properly trained person or under the supervision of qualified trainer. Know your limitations before using any of our equipment to reduce the risk of serious injury. Before each used of the equipment verify each component for damage, tear or loose fittings. Do not use the equipment if you have a concern about the stability or the safety. Only use this equipment for what it was intended for. No mats can eliminate completely the risk of serious injury, paralysis or death.