High Density Foam

High Density Foam The High Density Foam is composed of open cell polyurethane 110 ILD with a density of 2.5 LB.

Benefits: Light, with a firm surface, it absorbs average impacts.
Use: Aerobics, childcare, general exercises, wall padding.



Cross-Link consists of polyethylene closed cell cross connected to a density of 2 LBS.

Benefits: Light, it absorbs shocks and heavy impacts, its hard surface offers good standing stability.

Use: Training mats, gymnastics, martial arts and cheerleading.

Rebond Foam

Rebond Foam

Pieces of open cell foam bonded together for a density of 6 LBS.

Benefits: Absorbs heavy impacts.

Use: gymnastics and martial arts.





Ultratex Vinyl 18 oz.

Utltratex Vinyl 18 oz

Our mats are covered with ultratex 18 oz., tear-resistant vinyl, reinforced nylon. It is mold/rot resistant, antibacterial, waterproof, resistant to heat and extreme cold. It is cleaned easily with water
and a mild soap.





Velcro 500 hook/in2 for connecting the mats together as required.

Sewing Thread

Nylon thread 25 lbs resistance used in the making of all our mats.